Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sans Nichts ('Ima Gawd' excerpt)

Ima Gawd, Jerry Lewis, go ahead, assemble the team. Locking together forthwrite-amber sprite: The Incredible Shrinking Man, Virginia Woolf, Michio Kaku, Alexander the Great, MF Doom, Voltron and the Trix Rabbit.

Cut to dream sequence of team assembling. This is shown as they both organically merge (their skin melting/growing into each other like liquid) and mechanically merge (their surfaces dividing into cubes of different sizes, revealing clockwork beneath which reconfigures, and moves on pistons)

NOTE: call Michael Bay and Orko to see if they can help out with actual multiple human assembly.

CUTSCENE: Everyone works together. Except Trix. Trix is a rabbit, not a human, and therefore not a team player, and therefore does not work with rest of the team and therefore is not allowed on the team anymore, and therefour is kicked off the team. Silly rabbit, teams are for humans.

FLASHFLOOD: Excess H2O. 1500 (fifteen hundred die).

NEWS REPORT: Flash flood. 1500 (fifteen hundred die).

Ima calls on the batphone. Ima Gawd. How the effe did effen' Ima call on the batphone? Is Ima in the batcave? Did Ima hax the phoneline? Ima tells me how Ima predicts the chapter ends. Ima ends up being rite.

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