Monday, March 8, 2010

The Disciples Denial of The Christ for all that is Holy comes from the Denial of Desire

(le'T mIe T'yell y u o, Soh-oh-oh you kn ow, i kn oh shees youhng/(o), sh ese newbiLe, claen, tIeght sCK in nned And fooll o' ad mireation But Le t , l eEts slohw d ow n son, sl ow oh oh w down son)

"thats two texts today"
"yeah, I think shes coming round"
"Its a mistake though"
"Its not anything"
"It would be"
"Anything can be mistake"

Then between electric flashes his skein crawls, caterpillar crawl, the trailer trawl, across, slurpable supple: its an anti-antiquated lecture drawl.

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    (see how facebook reduces language like this.. i was going to add another 'like' to the end, but it seemed too bleak.)