Thursday, March 11, 2010

Interview Projects, 2002, June (a)

Interview Projects, 2002

"Today I started writing what I hope will end up being a sequence of poems, a sequence? A-ah... a list? Probably more a list, 'list' is probably the best, umm way to describe them because each one is going to be, each poem is going to be an item, so to speak, and as a whole, the poems are going to be like an inventory."

"One problem I've found at the moment is that I don't know any strangers, and, okay, that doesn't make much sense, what I mean is when you read something, if you know the person, you read it and you feel like you know so much more than is on the page, you start drawing all these connections, and in truth, the person is, for the most part just writing, the audience or whoever is going to read it is probably the last thing they are thinking about, or at least I feel that way, for example when I read something, I don't think the author is writing about me, that'd be insane, they don't even know me. Sometimes I can relate to an author but its definitely not the same. I guess I'd like to be able to get strangers to read stuff, get peoples opinions who are reading without knowing or bringing things in from their relationship with me."

"I'm almost finished this short story I started a little while agowhich kind of just sat on my computer for the longest time unfinished but I think it's almost done now. I kind of tried to write from small or rarely felt emotions, like the anger that might okay between two people that love eachother, like a parent and a child or two people in a romantic relationship, but without drawing, or trying not to anyway, draw anything from my own experiences. It ended up being balls but it was enjoyable."

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