Friday, May 20, 2016

Burger starve

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Burger Starve

When you go to the burger bar place and you are starving- you ate a sandwich at 2pm but that's the only thing you've eaten since 8pm the night before- and you're in the queue and you're waiting to place your order and then you see them- the most beautiful human being to ever grace this philosophically inexplicable little stain of a planet and they look up at you while they're eating their burger and they smile and say hi and you start chatting and they ask about the paint all over your pants and they ask are you an artist and you say that you are and they studied art history and literature and would love to see your work and you tell them that your studio is just around the corner and they ask if now is good and the spontaneity is exciting and you know that your eyes are sparkling, and your heart is thumping and you are happy, so you step out of the queue and walk with them to your studio and you both look at your work together and talk about music and poetry and you never got your burger

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