Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wake up all smothered by sweat cause you live in a heat sink
Hair is dead as soon as it leaves my scalp
Cast tongue tunes over room warm whiskey in pencil cup
Heads throbbin', processes slow, channeling the missing link
Straingten up get, sit up, grab the cup, and have another sup
French fries on the floor, more clothes scattered than carefully folded
If mess is the devil, I'm the father of the anti-christ
damp on the edges, corners are col-o-nies all molded
I'm far from purebred, my birth was faked, my genus feist
Barking is my past time, anger is my Christmas
This was not the first bit, not the encore, boredom for the sake of it,
She takes a drag, smokes inside,
I don't, heads and windows I cant, yelling without noise,
The red wine she wants I'll get before the evening.

New country sad sacks, get your scrotum pinned back you ugly Russian,
Thats about the thick of it, all insults and bravado, empty threats,
There's a poltergeist of a thug, he's broken now, thank god,
The wife took the kids and ruined him, I'm glad.
Trouble is where trouble stays, has nothing to do with the neighbourhood,
Why anyone goes back to monogamy after threesomes is beyond me.
Rusty, rusty, rusty, we're always stiff and rusty,
Well I'm stiff, she's rusty, but we ignore the clarity because its worse than fiction.
Sometimes there's a silent, silent pain, silent pause, silent silence,
Actually there's lots of silents, so I guess it's more like all-the-time.

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