Sunday, February 10, 2013

I perhaps couldn't care less save for the fact that I perhaps couldn't care less

Repetition is the signpost of not caring. The opposite is assumed because strength is usually made up of greater numbers than one. A structure is made with more than one brick. A brick is just a brick. When repetition occurs, it isn't because the thought, words or ideas is so strong it must be said en masse, its because there is nothing else to say. The argument is weak. The repeated is never strong. It just stands on the corpses of its old selves. The repetitious is the majority. The majority is never strong. The majority is the largest target, and the easiest to hit, and the easiest to hurt. Nobody cares about the many. The many is bored and boring. The many is the same. The many is the majority repeated. The many is the repeated majority. Care is in the different and the rare. The few and the scarce. Repetition is the signpost of not caring.

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